Surveillance & Fleet Management

Surveillance & Fleet Management


In the U.S., 99% of drivers who received and paid one ticket for illegally passing a school bus did not get a second. (Verra Mobility)

Elevate the safety and security of your passengers and fleet. Know more about your fleet to improve its day-to-day operations and efficiency. Save time and money, reduce stress and increase awareness of what’s happening in and around your vehicles with REI transportation surveillance and fleet management solutions. Our roster includes durable, advanced hardware and innovative software which may be easily integrated and customized to meet your fleet’s unique needs.


Verify events and see what’s happening inside and outside your vehicles with greater clarity. Enhance the protection of passengers, drivers and vehicles with durable, high-resolution REI surveillance cameras. Features like ultra-wide-angle lenses provide up to 180˚ views so you see more with fewer cameras. Customize your surveillance system with several available options.

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DVRs (& Storage Options)

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Peace of mind is everything. Rest easy knowing critical, event details are reliably recorded and stored on REI HD5 Series DVRs. Connect up to 12 surveillance cameras for total video coverage in and around your vehicle. Capture 1080p video and audio on removable hard drives and SD cards for easy review. Lightweight, compact, and durable, REI DVRs are built and tested to endure years of consistent use.

Video Management Software (VMS)

Simplify fleet management. Promote passenger safety and security. Analyze, report and monitor details with ease. REI’s VMS software is your all-in-one source for surveillance views and vehicle data. Complimentary with your mobile surveillance system purchase, VMS provides easy access to recorded events, bus route details, GPS coordinates, DVR health status and other factors affecting the efficiency and safety of your fleet.

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ARMOR Software Suite
Minimize time, stress and expenses related to mobile video surveillance and fleet management. Optimize efficiency, safety, and collaboration wirelessly with ARMOR’s adjustable modules. Real-time surveillance views and data are accessible anytime, anywhere using internet-connected devices.

    • Automated video downloads
    • Automated event notifications
    • Video sharing in seconds
    • Remote DVR access
    • Live vehicle tracking
    • GPS mapping
    • Driver performance reports

ARMOR Cloud Service
Minimize IT resources and infrastructure. Eliminate server management duties. Updates, upgrades, and scalability are
handled by REI. Read more.


Stop-Arm Camera Solutions

Protect students around stopped buses. See vehicles passing stop-arms illegally. Capture stop-arm violations and deter future occurrences with REI Stop-Arm Camera Solutions. Capture violation details, day or night. Our solutions see past glaring headlights to record violators’ license plates in crystal-clear, high definition. You’ll have indisputable proof to submit to law enforcement if warranted.

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3D 360° Surround View Camera System

Enhance visibility for drivers during lane changes, parking and turns – day or night. Equip them with panoramic, bird’s-eye and 3D views to see what’s in the vicinity. With our 360° Camera System, you’ll attain unprecedented coverage to help drivers avoid collisions and maneuver in tight spaces. Views change dynamically based on the reverse and turn signals selected.

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