Fleet Safety Systems

Fleet Safety Systems

Protect Passengers and Drivers with Fleet Safety Systems

It is important to be aware of hazards both inside and outside your vehicles. Plus, there are various operational details to consider to help fleet efficiency. REI specializes in fleet safety systems to address these concerns. Our products are designed with innovative technology that can be customized to your specific requirements. From HD fleet vehicle cameras to video management software, you can feel confident knowing that REI’s solutions are protecting your fleet.

Safe, Efficient Fleet Management Solutions

School bus and commercial vehicle drivers face similar challenges when behind the wheel. Collisions or other incidents can occur for a variety of reasons and proper evidence can help resolve issues. REI’s mobile video surveillance cameras and fleet management software will capture and provide details about traffic violations, passenger incidents, driver behaviors and operational inefficiencies. A system from REI has the capacity to provide other key benefits, including:

DVR chart
  • Increased visibility—Our HD cameras can provide clear visibility in day and night environments. Some feature wide angle lenses so you can have up to 180˚ views inside or outside your vehicle.
  • Live views—Observe bus activity in real-time and respond to incidents faster.
  • Long-lasting equipment—REI cameras are made of durable materials and quality tested to withstand harsh conditions.

Let REI Solutions Secure Your Fleet

REI is committed to providing reliable products for fleet safety. Our goal is to keep passengers, drivers, and other motorists safer with our dependable bus surveillance camera systems, including fleet vehicle cameras, DVRs and video management software. We also support drivers and fleet management personnel with products that can identify inefficiencies and save time and money. To learn more about our fleet safety systems, contact us today and discover customizable solutions to meet your needs.