Bus Surveillance System Cameras for Fleet Management in Irvine


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

With REI’s bus surveillance system cameras for Irvine fleet managers, you can enhance the safety and security of passengers, drivers, and vehicles. We engineer reliable bus camera systems, so you can reliably capture events inside and around your vehicles.

Bus Surveillance System Cameras

REI’s bus surveillance system cameras for fleet management in Irvine are durable, high-resolution tools that enhance safety and security. Wide-angle lenses with up to 180° views enable more coverage with fewer cameras.

DVRs (& Storage Options)

Our DVRs are constructed and rigorously tested to withstand years of daily use in the Irvine, California area. Rest assured that event details are recorded and securely stored on high-definition DVRs. You can connect up to 12 bus surveillance system cameras and capture up to 1080p high-resolution video and audio. They are then stored on removable hard drives for your convenience.

Fleet Video Management Software (VMS)

Radio Engineering’s Video Management Software boosts passenger safety and security with analytics, reports, and video of event details. It provides convenient access to recorded events, Irvine bus route specifics, DVR health status, GPS coordinates, and other essential fleet data.

ARMOR Software Suite

ARMOR™ Software Suite is an all-in-one solution that automates the entire fleet management surveillance process. Utilizing data and video, internet-connected devices can be used to wirelessly access a wealth of fleet information and surveillance footage. This bus video software ultimately optimizes fleet management, surveillance, safety, and collaboration. Among the suite’s features:

• Live vehicle tracking

• GPS mapping

• Driver performance reports

• Automated event notifications

• Automated and remote video downloads

• Remote DVR access capability

• Video sharing in seconds

ARMOR Cloud Service

Cloud services have become integral to modern business operations, enabling remote work and data backup, among other advantages. Our ARMOR Cloud service, an optional server management service, alleviates the demands on your IT resources and infrastructure, and eliminates your server management duties. REI manages updates, scalability, and hosts your server.

Stop-Arm Camera Solutions

Stop-arm cameras solutions enhance the safety of Irvine students boarding or departing school buses. The presence of stop-arm cameras may deter drivers who illegally pass a stopped school bus if they know their actions are recorded.

REI offers stop-arm cameras solutions to safeguard students around buses. They allow you to observe and capture stop-arm violations in high-definition, day or night. Our stop-arm camera solutions see past glaring headlights and record clear views of the violations and violators’ license plates. This indisputable evidence can be submitted to law enforcement if necessary.

360° Camera System

Equip your truck and bus drivers in Irvine with surround-view camera systems for improved visibility when parking, changing lanes, and turning. Our 360° camera system for Irvine fleet managers features panoramic, bird’s-eye, and 3D views. The system also has advanced infrared technology, enhancing the driver’s ability to see clearly in low-light or dark conditions. This technology helps prevent collisions and makes it easier to maneuver in confined spaces.

At Radio Engineering, we provide complete fleet management surveillance solutions focused on efficiency, safety, and cost savings. Contact us today to learn more about our surround-view cameras, stop-arm cameras, back-up cameras for buses, and bus surveillance system cameras in Irvine. Request your quote today!