Bus Camera Systems


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

Integrate our bus camera systems with ARMOR™ Software Suite for live camera views and streamlined fleet management. REI’s live camera views are provided by wide-angle, high-definition cameras so you see complete details.

ARMOR Software Suite

ARMOR Software Suite is an innovative fleet management software solution that will simplify your fleet operations, enhance safety, and save you time and money. With this all-in-one automated solution, you can manage your operation and bus camera system wirelessly. Among ARMOR’s capabilities: real-time camera views, automated event notifications, easy video sharing, automated and remote video downloads, live vehicle tracking, GPS fleet mapping, remote DVR access, and driver performance reports.

ARMOR Software Suite – Live

Access live bus camera system views from your fleet with ARMOR Live. This solution enables real-time access to cloud-based or private network-based live camera views, empowering you to stay informed about activities on or around your vehicles. Quickly identify and address situations like vandalism, assault, and bullying events. With our bus camera system and ARMOR Live, you can pinpoint the times and locations of events as they occur. ARMOR Live increases fleet efficiency and safety, reduces costs, and provides greater peace of mind.

ARMOR Software Suite – StopArm

ARMOR’s StopArm feature is the repository for stop-arm violation videos, making it easy to access event details and identify violators’ license plates. Save valuable time by swiftly locating, reviewing, and sharing the videos. Sharing videos with internal and external parties is simple and facilitates collaboration and communication.


ARMOR Cloud is an optional enhancement for ARMOR Software Suite. This server management service helps streamline your fleet management by minimizing your IT resources and infrastructure needs. You can eliminate server management tasks because Radio Engineering hosts your cloud-based server and will handle all upgrades, scalability, and updates, offering you peace of mind.

Radio Engineering offers customizable, bus camera system solutions with live camera views and bus video software to maximize efficiency, safety, and cost savings. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote.