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Mitigate risks and stay connected with heavy-duty, audio/video, and safety solutions by REI. Our truck, bus, and tractor cameras, backup cameras, safety equipment, and other innovative solutions are engineered and manufactured for...
in-dash infotainment

The future of in-dash infotainment serves up safety

  Today’s complex, intelligent technology is enhancing and advancing transportation like never before. Besides redefining existing infotainment systems for passengers, our motor coach and tour bus cameras, driver assistance, and PA system technology are...

10 Reasons To Choose the Cloud for Your School Bus Operation

s  ‘The cloud’ is ubiquitous. Chances are, you are cloud computing without even realizing it. That new podcast? The new article on stop-arm solutions? Viewing your health records online? You are utilizing ‘the cloud’, or internet, to obtain data stored elsewhere. Now...