Improve customer satisfaction and safety. Boost ROI. Create a more enjoyable, more informed travel experience for your passengers. REI is your all-in-one source for advanced audio/video solutions featuring HD brilliance. Integrate durable, high-definition LCD monitors, digital media players, PA systems, radios and countless accessories for superior presentations, time and time again.


REI radios amplify the travel experience with innovative features engineered for today’s tech-savvy passengers. Satisfy passengers and drivers with options like Bluetooth® compatibility, PA system integration and touchscreen technology. Every radio is engineered with top-quality materials and tested to withstand vibrations, dynamic loads, extreme temps and humidity. Expect years of reliable performance.

Ensure a proper fit in your vehicle with a mount kit and harness. REI has several available for mounts in GM, Ford, Blue Bird, Thomas vehicles and many others.


Digital Media Players

Media Players

Dazzle passengers with vivid, crystal-clear audio and video. Automate onboard messaging and entertainment. Override vehicle communication with important safety announcements. REI digital media players are the powerful, versatile solutions you need to keep passengers safe, informed and entertained. Count on them for reliable play back of all your messages. Each is engineered and tested to withstand rugged use.

LCD Monitors

Wow passengers with brilliant, high-definition messaging on REI LCD monitors. Update riders with news, weather, route information, and more. Generate additional revenue from advertising. REI monitors are engineered to deliver consistent, crystal-clear images during rugged use. Choose from wedge, flip-down, and wall-mount models.

Heavy-duty mounting brackets are also available.


PA Systems

PA Systems

Deliver your messages loud and clear. Elevate and personalize the onboard experience with feature-rich PA systems. Whether automated or live, your driver announcements, safety messages, tours and promotions are delivered with stunning, high-definition clarity. Integrate REI components or choose a panel-mount system to amplify your public address capabilities.

Wired/Wireless Microphones

Clear and consistent sound is ready anytime with REI microphones. Choose lightweight, wireless models to meet the unique demands of tour guides and karaoke participants or wired mics for users who prefer a more controlled approach to passenger interaction. Several styles, connectors, lengths and accessories are available to expand or upgrade your onboard entertainment options.