Cloud-Based Mobile Video Surveillance Software for Fleet


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

ARMOR Software Suite

Simplify fleet operations and safety. Minimize time, stress, and expenses related to fleet management with REI’s automated ARMOR™ Software Suite. This all-in-one bus video software solution can help optimize efficiency and collaboration in fleet management, surveillance, and safety. Access your downloaded data and video wirelessly, 24/7, from anywhere using an internet-connected device.

Among its capabilities: automated and remote video downloads, automated event notifications, real-time views, remote DVR access, live vehicle tracking, and automated driver performance reports.

ARMOR Software Suite – Administration/Actions

Your first stop for configuring and managing the entire ARMOR Software Suite is the Administration/Actions module. Here, you assign permissions, parameters, thresholds, and automated procedures for data/video collection and reporting. Set up individual or group access to specific modules, designate events to be detected, schedule automated video downloading for specific events, select events for automated notifications, and more.

ARMOR Software Suite – Dashboard

Leverage ARMOR’s data and reporting Dashboard to gain valuable insights into trends and potential hazards. See details about vehicle locations and routes, events and event hotspots, driving behaviors, and server space. Monitor fleet performance with Dashboard’s easy-to-understand charts to maximize efficiency and safety, minimize operational costs, and save valuable time.

ARMOR Software Suite – AutoPilot

In AutoPilot, you can watch auto-downloaded event videos, then share them in seconds via email. Users may review, verify, and collaborate on fleet events. Save time with automated event video archiving and filtering based on your specific inputs.

ARMOR Software Suite – Diagnostics

The Diagnostics feature of ARMOR bus video software offers daily, automated health updates about your fleet’s engines and REI surveillance systems. This reliable data can help you prevent and mitigate maintenance issues and ensure fleet camera systems are working properly. Diagnostics enables remote access to your fleet’s DVRs for adjustments if needed.

ARMOR Software Suite – Insight

Insight shows real-time maps with vehicle locations and historical and current routes. It includes graphs, time- and location-specific event videos, and comprehensive reports. Uncover trends with its mapped event locators. Request video downloads by location or time. Access vehicle data and video by clicking on the route to obtain event details quickly and easily.


ARMOR Cloud is an optional server management service for ARMOR Software Suite. Streamline fleet management, minimize IT resource and infrastructure needs, and eliminate server management duties. REI handles the updates and scalability of your cloud-based server, offering you peace of mind.

REI will assist you with our fleet video management software solution. To learn more or request a quote, contact the Radio Engineering team. We can help improve your fleet management.