Manual and Automated Stop-Arm Camera Solutions

Manual and Automated Stop-Arm Camera Solutions


In the U.S., 99% of drivers who received and paid one ticket for illegally passing an extended school bus stop arm did not get a second.

Stop arms help protect students as they enter and exit school buses. Capture the illegal passing of extended stop arms with REI’s manual or automated stop-arm camera solutions. These solutions record stop-arm violations and violators’ license plates in high definition, revealing crystal-clear details for easy identification. The images and location data are stored for further review by administration and may be easily submitted to law enforcement, if needed.

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Protect Students and Hold Drivers Accountable

Stop-arm camera solutions from REI enhance student safety and deter motorists from passing stopped school buses. Our manual stop-arm camera solution allows drivers to capture violations at the press of a panic button. With our automated stop-arm camera solution, illegal passing can be detected across four lanes of traffic and the event is automatically recorded to a DVR. Users retain indisputable proof of violations and important details. REI stop-arm solutions are available in the following configurations:

    • Manual Stop-Arm – Driver flags violations on the bus DVR by pushing a panic button. Video and data are then downloaded to REI’s Video Management Software (VMS) for storage and review.
    • Manual Stop-Arm + ARMOR – Solution is integrated with REI’s ARMOR™ Software Suite, which offers additional capabilities such as automated video downloading to the suite and its dedicated server.
    • Automated Stop-Arm + ARMOR Cloud – Solution automatically records violations as they occur without the need for driver involvement. REI manages your ARMOR server in the cloud, allowing remote access to your video and data with internet-connected devices.
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Let REI Experts Customize a Solution That Works

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School bus fleets vary according to districts’ goals and needs. It’s important to work with experts who can customize effective school bus camera systems according to your safety objectives. We work with you to configure smart options for maximum fleet safety and efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to protect your students and drivers. Contact us today to learn more about our products and schedule a demo.