REI Replacements for Discontinued Jensen Audio Products

REI offers audio products that consistently provide superior sound quality, durability, and the latest high-tech features. As the ideal alternative to Jensen’s discontinued audio products, REI audio solutions exceed expectations in performance and reliability. In addition, REI solutions surpass the capabilities of Jensen’s discontinued audio systems. Learn about REI’s replacements for Jensen audio products below.

REI VR-6200D – Wide-Screen Multimedia Radio

Upgrade to REI’s VR-6200D double-DIN Wide-Screen Multimedia Radio, a replacement for the discontinued Jensen JRV9000R. This REI radio provides an enhanced user experience with its 6.88-inch touchscreen, bus microphone input, front USB inputs, Bluetooth, and multimedia capabilities. Other features include: CD/DVD playback, smartphone integration with USB Autolink, dual camera inputs, and a remote.


REI 480343 – Hand-Held Bus Microphone


The REI 480343 is a dynamic hand-held, CB-style bus microphone and a replacement for Jensen’s obsolete JMICHND. Its design and construction ensure comfortable handling and reliable performance. This hand-held radio microphone is perfect for tour guides, emergency communication, commercial bus services or construction and agricultural use.

REI 710701 – 4-Channel Transit PA Amplifier

This amplifier is an upgraded replacement for the discontinued Jensen PA500 and JPA600 models. It offers enhanced power, superior sound quality, and is ideal for safety, route, and tour guide announcements. The REI 710701 provides versatility for your bus PA systems, features steel housing, and integrates easily with OEM equipment.


REI 220094 – 5.25” Heavy-Duty Speaker with Grille

PA Systems

The REI 220094 heavy-duty speaker with grille is a durable replacement for the now-discontinued Jensen JEN93VR. The 5.25″ interior speaker features a durable poly cone and is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality for route announcements, safety alerts, and entertainment in passenger and emergency vehicles. The mesh, metal grille offers protection from damage and dust.

REI’s Advanced Technology Leads the Way in Fleet Vehicle Audio

Founded in 1938, Radio Engineering is America’s most innovative engineering company for transportation radios, bus microphones and PA systems, fleet management, and surveillance. Radio Engineering produces a range of hardware and software solutions for public transportation and commercial vehicles. Each offers advanced technology, proven reliability and quality, and the expertise that comes with 85+ years in business!

REI stands behind its products. With an Advanced Exchange Warranty, you’ll receive a replacement product within two business days, free of charge. Live, 24/7/365 in-house Support is also available to answer your questions. REI is the smart choice for superior sound and performance.