REI HD Bus Video Monitors, Video Switchers & HDMI Cables

Upgrade Your Fleet’s Infotainment and Mobile Displays

REI offers cutting-edge audio and video equipment for infotainment and HD mobile displays on transit buses, motorcoaches, and commercial vehicles. Trusted by transportation directors and fleet managers, REI HD bus video monitors, distribution amplifiers, and HDMI components deliver remarkable visual clarity, robust performance, and versatility.

HD Monitors: Stunning Visuals for Every Passenger and Driver

REI’s transit, motorcoach, and commercial vehicle monitors boast brilliant color, dramatic contrast, and impeccable image clarity, ensuring every detail comes alive. Choose from a range of styles and sizes to fit your vehicles’ interiors:

  • Ultrawide Wall-Mount HD Monitor (37″): Captivate passengers with a wide screen that fits shorter spaces on buses. Its extra-wide screen enables you to show two presentations at once.
  • Wedge HD Monitor (15.6″): Deliver stunning visuals in a space-saving design, perfect for infotainment displays or passenger entertainment on motorcoaches and commercial vehicles.
  • Flip-Down HD Monitors (10.1″, 15.6″ manual, 19″ motorized): Maximize space on motorcoaches and commercial vehicles by folding them up when not in use.
  • Wall-Mount HD Monitors (10.1”, 15.6″, 21.5″, 23.8″, 27″): Elevate passenger engagement with this modern, slim-design style, available in a range of sizes.

Ensure your transit, motorcoach, and commercial vehicle monitors fit securely with durable, REI mount railing kits and hardware. Each kit is designed exclusively for REI monitors and is configurable to fit most vehicle interiors.


Superior Performance & Reliability in Bus Video Monitors

REI’s HD transit, motorcoach, and commercial vehicle monitors are built to withstand the rigors of everyday fleet operations and include:

  • 12/24-volt compatibility to adapt to a wide range of vehicles.
  • Multiple input options (BNC composite, HDMI HD,  HDMI E, HDMI A) to provide flexibility for various content sources.
  • Remote controls to provide ease of use. (standard with select models)

Advance Your Operation with REI Bus Video Monitors 

Improve the Rider Experience

Keep bus passengers informed and on-schedule with legible, high-definition messages on REI bus video monitors. REI’s bright, modern monitors deliver route, news, and service updates reliably to help build customer confidence in your operation’s efficiency. The result: increased chances for rider retention on your transit buses, motorcoaches, and commercial vehicles.

Communicate Safety Messages

Bus video monitors that play safety announcements and emergency notifications with greater clarity and sound attract attention and can help mitigate events, on and off your buses.

Reduce Expenses and Waste

Ads, route schedules, and other notifications played electronically on transit, motorcoach, and commercial vehicle monitors save expenses. You’ll save paper and printing costs, help keep vehicles cleaner, and eliminate waste.

Strengthen Security

Bus video monitors can show live, bus camera system views so passengers know they’re being watched. The views can deter them from engaging in questionable activities.

Earn Extra Revenue

Transit and motorcoach monitors may be used to display advertisements and promotions. As a result, you’ll create opportunities to generate additional revenue from advertisers.

Promote Services

REI bus video monitors can present service information clearly and reliably. Update passengers on new routes, new service areas, connections, new rules and regulations, and other amenities of your operation. Passengers who know where they’re going are more at ease. And satisfied passengers can lead to repeat business.

EMS-1000HD: HD Video Source & Infotainment Control Center

PA Systems

The EMS-1000HD from REI manages multiple video sources in your vehicle’s infotainment and public display system. This versatile HD video control center allows you to distribute six channels of pre-recorded announcements, safety videos, passenger entertainment channels, and more.

Let REI Build a Transit Infotainment System for Your Fleet

Equipping your fleet with cutting-edge bus video monitors and a transit infotainment system from REI is an investment in passenger engagement and operational efficiency. REI’s vivid HD monitors, versatile video switchers, and reliable HDMI components are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while delivering exceptional visuals.

Contact REI today to discover how bus video monitors can elevate the passenger experience.