360 Degree Camera Systems

Blind Spot Coverage with 360° Camera Systems


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

Blind spots mean risks. You need to see every angle around your vehicle at all times for collision avoidance. REI’s 360° Camera System helps drivers prevent and mitigate collisions during lane changes, parking and turning. This surround view camera system assists drivers of trucks, buses, and other large commercial vehicles with enhanced visibility, making it easier to move through traffic. Expansive views increase safety and may prevent vehicle damage and repair costs.

Multiple Views for Optimal Safety

Drivers of larger vehicles like trucks and buses typically require additional safety protocols because of increased blind spots and the inability to stop quickly. With REI’s 360° Camera System, drivers will benefit from panoramic, 3D, and bird’s eye views that are designed to provide maximum visibility and blind spot coverage. This allows drivers to maneuver more easily in tight spaces and prevent collisions during lane changes and turns. Additional features include:

  • Dynamic views—Cameras show the vehicle’s surroundings in real time and movement as it happens. Views are displayed as the vehicle turns, backs up or proceeds forward. Drivers always see the most critical areas.
  • Infrared technology—Driver visibility is enhanced at night.
  • High-definition views—Drivers see crisp images from 720p cameras.
  • Integrative technology—Views may be displayed on REI monitors and multimedia radios.


REI Solutions Protect Passengers, Drivers, and Vehicles

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REI offers a wide range of safety solutions for bus and truck drivers. Our engineers use the industry’s most innovative technology to design and engineer fleet cameras, software, and other products. Solutions like our 360° Camera System for blind spot coverage, bus surveillance software and announcement systems enhance fleet protection and efficiency. The team at REI is ready to help improve your safety and fleet management—contact us to learn about our fleet camera solutions!