360 Degree Camera Systems in Long Beach

ADAS Systems for School Buses, Motorcoaches, Transit Buses, Commercial Trucks, Fleets, & Ag Equipment


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

Southern California’s roads are busy. Avoiding collisions can be difficult when drivers have to deal with multiple blind spots around their vehicles. A 360° Camera System from REI can help address these challenges. Our 360° Camera Systems are ideal blind spot camera solutions for Long Beach bus fleets and transit vehicles. They create extra visibility so drivers can safely change lanes, park, and make turns.

Create a Safer Road for Drivers and Pedestrians

REI’s 360° Camera System for Long Beach fleets and buses is a driver assistance tool that enhances vehicle safety. Its panoramic, bird’s eye and 3D camera views provide blind spot coverage for drivers. The surround view camera system assists drivers as they park, change lanes, and turn corners. Increased visibility creates a safer driving environment that helps prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, and objects. Our 360 Cameras System features:

  • Changing views — Camera views are dynamic, changing in real time as drivers use their turn signals and move in reverse. This allows drivers to always be aware of current blind spots, thereby mitigating chances for collisions.
  • Night visibility — Infrared technology enables visibility in reduced-light conditions.
  • High-definition quality — Our 720p cameras produce crystal-clear images.
  • Integrative capabilities — The 360 Camera System may be integrated with other solutions and equipment. Its camera views may then be watched on devices like REI multimedia radios and bus video monitors.


Protect Your Fleet with REI Safety Solutions

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Give your bus and truck drivers the tools they need to operate safely. REI designs its bus safety products with innovative technology to make them effective and easy to use. REI provides Long Beach fleet operations with blind spot cameras, mobile video surveillance solutions, video management software, passenger safety announcement players, and an emergency lighting module. All may be integrated to create a safer and more efficient operation. Contact the team of fleet management experts at REI today for assistance and to learn more about our safety solutions!