Irvine, CA 360 Degree Camera System

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Irvine, CA for School Buses, Fleets, Motorcoaches, Transit Vehicles, Commercial Trucks, & Ag Equipment


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

Bus fleets and transit vehicles commuting throughout Irvine face many daily challenges, such as busy roads and negligent drivers. These large vehicles are also at a higher risk for collisions due to blind spots and an inability to stop quickly. REI offers a 360° Camera System in Irvine, giving drivers better visibility as they maneuver through turns, lane changes, and parking lots.

Protect Drivers, Pedestrians, and Other Vehicles

REI’s 360° Camera System for Irvine drivers is an effective tool for blind spot monitoring. It assists drivers of larger vehicles and helps protect other motorists. Our surround view camera system is specially designed to eliminate blind spots and provides bird’s-eye, panoramic, and 3D views of vehicle surroundings. With its cameras in place, drivers will have greater visibility and more confidence while changing lanes, turning corners, and moving in small spaces. Some of the driver assistance system’s features include:

  • High-Definition images – Dust- and water-resistant 720p cameras provide crisp views, day and night.
  • Dynamic performance – Views change dynamically based on turn signals and reverse gear, providing continuous visibility as drivers move in different directions.
  • Infrared technology – Drivers see clear images at night or in low-light conditions.
  • Flexibility – The system connects to any monitor with HDMI or RCA inputs.


REI Surveillance Systems Enhance Fleet Safety

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Protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in Irvine, California with bus and fleet surveillance systems from REI. Our systems are engineered with the most innovative and effective technology in the industry. Operations can customize complete systems that integrate cameras, DVRs, and mobile video surveillance software. Consult with the fleet management experts at REI to improve your fleet’s safety. We also offer demos and webinars. Contact us to learn more.