360-Degree Camera System in LA

Blind Spot Coverage With a 360° Camera System in Los Angeles


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

Drivers of large commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses often experience limited visibility. This is especially true while making turns, parking, and changing lanes when blind spots could become hazardous. Drivers in Los Angeles can increase safety with REI’s 360° Camera System. This system uses multiple cameras installed around the vehicle’s exterior to eliminate blind spots. The surround view system improves a driver’s visibility, making it easier for them to navigate tight spaces and avoid collisions. It increases safety and prevents downtime due to vehicle repair.

Multiple Views for Optimal Safety

For ultimate visibility and blind spot coverage in Los Angeles, drivers of large commercial vehicles including trucks and buses can depend on REI’s 360° Camera System. The system promotes overall awareness of bus surroundings to help drivers avoid collisions and injury. Users can expect:

  • Panoramic, 3D, and bird’s eye views – Displays views in real time to reduce accident risks and help drivers detect obstacles and pedestrians.
  • Infrared technology – Increases safety for drivers through greater nighttime visibility.
  • High-definition images – Shows clear views on REI monitors. The views change dynamically based on reverse gear and turn signals, making it easier for drivers to safely steer through small spaces, turns, and lane changes.


REI Solutions Protect Passengers, Drivers, and Vehicles

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Safety is the number one priority for large trucks, buses, and commercial fleet vehicles. Innovative technology provides improved protection for your passengers, drivers, vehicles, and other motorists.

REI’s engineers design solutions such as the 360° Camera System to prevent collisions and maximize road safety. LA drivers can also benefit from REI-designed fleet camera systems, collision avoidance systems, and more for school buses, motor coaches, commercial buses, transit buses, commercial trucks, ag equipment, and construction vehicles. Contact us to learn more about our fleet camera solutions in Los Angeles. We are ready to help you improve fleet safety and security.