360 Degree Camera Systems in Anaheim

Blind Spot Coverage With a 360° Camera System in Anaheim


ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

To improve driver safety and prevent damage to large commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses, drivers need enhanced visibility on the road. REI’s 360° Camera System allows Anaheim drivers to see around their vehicles, including blind spots. This surround view camera system enables drivers to move more skillfully in tight spaces, on narrow streets, and in congested areas. It can also help prevent collisions while turning, parking, and changing lanes.

Multiple Views for Optimal Safety

REI’s 360° Camera System is extremely beneficial for large commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. This system provides camera views which help drivers navigate safely through traffic. Cameras improve safety because they help drivers see blind spots, obstacles, and pedestrians, thus avoiding collisions, especially in congested areas or tight spaces. Commercial vehicles equipped with REI’s 360° Camera Systems in Anaheim have the following benefits:

  • Dynamic views – Drivers have clear views of critical areas that change dynamically as turn signals and reverse gear are used. They avoid damage due to the cameras’ real-time views of the vehicle’s surroundings.
  • Day and night views – Driver visibility is possible at night and during adverse weather conditions through infrared technology.
  • Clear images – Camera views are displayed on REI monitors in crisp, clear high definition. The high-definition aspect ensures clarity to help drivers more easily identify obstacles and potential hazards.


REI Solutions Protect Passengers, Drivers, and Vehicles

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Our 360° Camera System in Anaheim provides blind-spot coverage to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and vehicles. In addition, Anaheim buses can benefit from REI announcement/media players and bus surveillance software to enhance the passenger experience and vehicle safety. Contact us to learn more about our extensive fleet camera solutions and bus video software in Anaheim. We have the tools you need to increase fleet efficiency and safety.