Bus Surveillance Software Systems

Bus Surveillance Software Systems


In the U.S., 99% of drivers who received and paid one ticket for illegally passing an extended school bus stop arm did not get a second.

Hillsborough County’s Leader in School Bus Surveillance Products

School bus drivers in Florida and the Hillsborough County area must always look out for road hazards. They must also watch what is happening on and around their vehicles. REI’s school bus surveillance products can help. REI wide-angle cameras, mobile stop-arm surround view cameras, and the ARMOR™ Software Suite improve student safety and simplify fleet video management. Our bus camera systems and cloud-based fleet management software protect Florida students, school bus drivers, and Hillsborough County school districts.

ARMOR Fleet Management Software Benefits

Bus surveillance systems and products in Hillsborough County, like manual and automated stop-arm solutions, may be integrated with ARMOR Software Suite. The suite may be hosted in the cloud by REI. Users of this school bus video management software can access their downloaded data and video wirelessly, 24/7, using internet-connected devices. ARMOR highlights include automated video downloads; automated event notifications; live vehicle tracking in Hillsborough County, Florida; and GPS mapping.  

Ultimately, ARMOR makes fleet surveillance easier. The cloud-based fleet management software automates the entire video and data collection process. As a result, fleet efficiency increases and users attain greater peace of mind.

Protect Hillsborough County Students with Stop-Arm Solutions

Bus drivers often extend school bus stop arms on their routes. However, some motorists illegally pass these bus stop arms and put students in danger. To help protect them, REI offers manual and automated stop-arm solutions in the Hillsborough County area. These school bus surveillance products record stop-arm violations in high definition. This gives school districts clear video of violators’ license plates and other crucial data. Violation images may then be sent to law enforcement for review if necessary.    

Cloud-Based Fleet Management Software and School Bus Safety Cameras from REI

REI is a leader in fleet video management and school bus surveillance products in Hillsborough County and throughout Florida. ARMOR Software Suite and stop-arm camera solutions boost fleet surveillance and increase efficiency. Get started with a free quote or demo. Contact us today!