Video Coverage for School and Transit Buses

Interior & Exterior Cameras for School Buses & Transit Buses

Whether they’re operating a school or transit vehicle, bus drivers have many responsibilities. Not only do they have to be aware of other vehicles, but they also must ensure the safety of multiple passengers who aren’t always visible. REI interior and exterior bus camera systems for school and transit buses help fill in the surveillance gaps in and around vehicles. In addition to improving safety, cameras bring greater visibility to fleet management personnel and provide a wealth of valuable data that can increase operational efficiency.

Enhance the Safety of Passengers and Drivers

Bus incidents and accidents can occur at any time and place. When working with law enforcement and insurance companies, issues can be more difficult to resolve without evidence. We offer a diverse selection of interior and exterior bus camera systems for school and transit buses to support safer environments for passengers and drivers. Using video surveillance can provide the following benefits:


    • Real-time viewing capability — Live views of onboard activities, which enable quicker response times when necessary.
    • Recorded evidence/proof — Video and data can be recorded and stored for later viewing and sharing.
    • Increased visibility — A combination of HD resolution, day/night viewing, and wide fields of view give superior visibility for drivers and other personnel.
    • Durability — Cameras are tamper-resistant and tested to withstand rugged conditions.
    • Accurate reporting — Vehicle tracking and high-quality video data ensure that reporting is accurate and reliable.

    Innovative Transportation Solutions from REI

    Your passengers and bus drivers deserve a safe experience on the road. Innovative equipment like interior and exterior school and transit bus camera systems from REI offer superior visibility and can be customized to your operations. 

    Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how they can support your fleet management objectives/goals.