ADAS have potential to reduce crash rates by 47 percent. (United States Department of Transportation)

Transit bus camera systems are essential for improving passenger, pedestrian, and driver safety. REI offers camera systems that use advanced surveillance and sensor technology. Our back up cameras for buses are designed to meet the needs of large commercial fleets, transit buses, trucks, motor coaches, and ag equipment and construction vehicles. Trust REI transit bus camera systems to improve situational awareness for drivers and provide reliable surveillance inside and outside fleet vehicles.

Bus Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras on transit vehicles have become standard features in many public transportation systems due to the numerous benefits they offer. Passenger safety and deterrence of disruptive behavior are a few of these benefits. Images from REI transit bus surveillance cameras may also be recorded. The high-resolution video and audio can be used as indisputable evidence for legal purposes, investigations, or insurance claims.

360° Surround View Camera System

REI’s 360 Camera System is beneficial for transit buses. Cameras placed around the vehicle provide full coverage of blind spots to allow drivers to move in tight, congested spaces and avoid collisions. Our 360 Surround View Camera System includes advanced infrared technology, which increases the driver’s visibility in low light or dark environments and during adverse weather events. Clear, high-definition images help drivers identify potential hazards while turning, changing lanes, and steering through parking lots.

The 360 Camera System’s clear views are displayed on REI monitors and change dynamically according to turn-signal direction and reverse gear. A wide, panoramic view looking outward from the left side, right side, or rear of the vehicle is provided, enabling drivers to take the necessary actions to prevent or mitigate collisions. The system also shows an expansive, bird’s-eye view of the entire area around the vehicle. With REI’s 360 camera system, danger zones are more visible.

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