Anaheim School Bus Surveillance Systems & Products

Effective School Bus Products & Surveillance Systems in Anaheim

School buses in Anaheim transport thousands of students. Bus drivers in Orange County must deal with heavy traffic and other hazards on the road, which can cause delays and safety concerns. Traffic laws are established to keep students and drivers safe, but there’s always a possibility for collisions and other onboard incidents. REI’s line of products and surveillance systems for school buses in Anaheim record events and help maintain student safety.


In the U.S., 99% of drivers who received and paid one ticket for illegally passing an extended school bus stop arm did not get a second.

Integrating ARMOR Software Suite into Your Existing System

Capture Data with Integrated Hardware & Software
Our ARMOR™ Software Suite may be hosted in the cloud and is configurable to integrate with automated or manual stop-arm systems. Let our team handle the details and the upgrades to ARMOR software when needed. Users also have 24/7 access to their data and video, which can be easily shared and reviewed with others. Automated notifications and video downloading capabilities, and live bus tracking are also ARMOR features.

Additional Evidence with Stop-Arm Cameras

Negligent drivers violate stop-arm signs that are meant to protect students as they board or exit buses. Stop-arm cameras for Anaheim area school buses are the perfect solution for capturing violations and license plate photos in HD. REI stop-arm camera systems are available in automated and manual versions. The collected video and data can be used as evidence and submitted to law enforcement when necessary. Pair our stop-arm camera solutions with the ARMOR Software Suite, and your Anaheim school bus surveillance and safety system can be automated.

REI Bus Safety Experts Offer Trustworthy Service

REI can help assemble an effective school bus safety system. Using stop-arm camera solutions and the ARMOR Software Suite in your Anaheim school bus surveillance strategy can improve the efficiency of your school bus fleet, while also enhancing passenger safety. Contact us for a demo.