Collision alerts & event reporting

ARMOR™ Software Suite now features Mobileye® Collision Avoidance alerts. Reach unprecedented levels of automated, customizable fleet management, safety and reporting. Prevent and mitigate collisions with real-time driver alerts. Assess driver performance and train drivers utilizing reliable analytics, scorecards and recorded events. Harness the power of integration to advance fleet safety.

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Cloud-based server management

ARMOR™ Cloud provides efficient management of your ARMOR Software Suite server. This cloud-based service handles your fleet management data, software updates and scalability for you from REI headquarters. Maximize uptime, while minimizing infrastructure and IT resources. Streamline data and asset management for your transit bus, school bus or motorcoach fleets. With ARMOR Cloud, your data is available anytime, anywhere.

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Equipment & vehicle health monitoring

ARMOR™ Diagnostics empowers you to proactively monitor the health of your REI equipment and vehicle including the J1939 CAN-BUS option. Receive updates on the current status of your vehicle, easily locate and solve intermittent problems, and track the history of your fleet.

When combined with our surveillance equipment—professional automotive-grade DVRs, hard drives and cameras—you create reporting you can rely on.

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Video downloads & event management

ARMOR™ AutoPilot provides you insight into your fleet by recording video events and generating reports for vehicles on or off the lot. This software automatically downloads and archives event video and vehicle data, tracks geofence boundary violations and allows you to set specific actions for key performance metrics including panic button press, idle time, and more.

When combined with our surveillance equipment—professional grade DVRs, hard drives and cameras—you’ll get the comprehensive video evidence you need.

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Vehicle & fleet management dashboard

ARMOR™ Insight helps you reduce operational costs, prolong the life of your vehicles and improve safety through at-a-glance fleet management reporting. This software solution provides a 360° overview of your fleet with video monitoring, visual reports and valuable analysis.

Pair with our surveillance equipment—professional grade DVRs, hard drives and cameras—for streamlined fleet operations.

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Driver behavior & performance

ARMOR™ Driver helps you keep a watchful eye over your fleet operators. Through this user-friendly dashboard, you can review performance metrics such as speeding, idle time, geofence boundary violations, panic button pushes, accelerometer and more. Use data and video clips for driver training and to improve performance.

Pair with our surveillance equipment—professional grade DVRs, hard drives and cameras—for a catalog of driver performance.

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Moving Your Business Forward Efficiently

One Transportation Director gives his account on how an REI system has made his job easier.

After struggling with selecting the right company to outfit our school buses with internal and stop-arm cameras and previewing demonstrations from several camera manufacturers, we chose REI for all of our school bus camera needs. With over a sixth of our fleet outfitted with stop-arm and internal cameras we couldn't be happier. We are particularly excited about the stop-arm camera system. The image quality, reliability and 100% hands-off activation allows our drivers to concentrate on student loading and unloading instead of trying to capture vehicle descriptions and license plates during this critical time. We are already asking ourselves how we got along without these REI camera systems.

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Rich Casey

Director of Transportation – Bellevue Public Schools