On-demand passenger entertainment

MegaMedia® is the world’s first affordable wireless on-demand passenger entertainment system. This revolutionary solution from REI allows passengers to access thousands of hours of movies, TV shows and games on their personal handheld devices. By simply connecting to the Wi-Fi enabled MegaMedia system, passengers open a world of entertainment tailored to their personal preferences.

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  • MegaMedia®

    MegaMedia, the centerpiece of your passenger entertainment system, provides easy access to hundreds of hours of content. MegaMedia includes a solid state drive (SSD), for unmatched reliability, durability and flexibility in a compact, secure aluminum casing. The operating platform offers quick startup and the most cost-effective method for downloading content via a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

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  • Ethernet Switch

    Connect your devices to your network through our multiport gigabit ethernet switch, which provides isolated power and data for higher reliability.

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  • Antennas

    MegaMedia access point antennas are designed for rugged commercial applications to ensure smooth streaming of media to all passengers across multiple access points. Each access point connects up to 80 users, ultimately providing connectivity for up to 240 users.

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Customizable theater experience

Luxury entertainment is a must-have for customer satisfaction and retention. From state-of-the-art video systems to multimedia radios and countless accessories, REI is your one-source provider for enhanced passenger entertainment. To customize an experience that will engage, entertain and retain your customers, we first need to identify what matters most to you — HD-ready technology, seamless integration, Bluetooth compatibility or ease of operation.

To get started building your theater experience, check out a few of our top-performing components below.

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  • Video & Multimedia Sources

    Our feature-rich video and multimedia sources open up a world of opportunity for your vehicle. REI offers a wide selection of durable, professional grade DVD players and radios to deliver an ideal, uninterrupted experience. Choose the model that best fits your needs from touchscreen convenience and enhanced LCD display to DVD radios with PA.

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  • Monitors

    Our HD monitors have brilliant, vivid color, dramatic contrast and impeccable image clarity for a stunning viewing experience. Choose from wedge, flip-down or wall-mounted monitors in a variety of sizes.

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  • HD Capability

    Technology is always evolving — it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends without blowing your budget. Our HDMI E amplifier, modules and cables allow you to transform standard monitors into high-definition brilliance. This affordable solution uses a cable with the amplifier and 6-channel switcher to push high-definition images onto your monitor. Our HDMI E solution is a highly durable, positive-locking connector that is simple to use and ensures a reliable connection in the harshest conditions.

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  • Speakers, Subwoofers and Amps

    No theater system would be complete without sound. And audio clarity is key. Our robust line of interior and exterior speakers, subwoofers, amps and tweeters elevate the passenger experience. And since it’s from REI, you know each model is specially built to be durable and provide powerful, immersive sound.

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  • Seat Back Audio

    The REI passenger seat back audio system provides the ultimate listening experience with up to eight high-fidelity stereo channels. Each passenger has independent headphone volume control. Whether listening to audio from the REI video system, enjoying an audiobook on CD or relaxing to the sounds of music, passengers will love the freedom to choose.

    This user-friendly system is perfect for tours with the option to pre-record audio in multiple languages for user-controlled narration right in the seat back.

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  • Microphones

    Announcements, presentations and tour information are all part of the luxury entertainment experience. REI’s microphones are professional automotive grade for long-lasting use. Choose from handheld, gooseneck or entertainment-style, each with durable cables to withstand the rigors of the road. Enjoy the freedom to move about with our wireless handheld, lapel or headset models.

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Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi)

The internet is an integral part of daily life for your passengers. Improve your ROI and boost ridership by providing a wireless connection (Wi-Fi). This simple addition ensures your passengers can stay connected throughout their journey, turning them into your best advocates.

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Peace of Mind

The feeling our customers get knowing their vehicles are equipped with all the mobile electronics they need from a single provider.

DATTCO has been using REI audio-visual products for many years now. Our fleet features the Elite system as our base platform and we add in larger monitors, in-dash DVD, wireless and back-up PA, and the Safety Media Players and the new, enhanced media center. The components work great, the service is first class and our account representative is always there to provide support and direction.

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Dennis Lyons

Senior Director of Contract Services – DATTCO