Surveillance systems

REI provides customized surveillance solutions that surpass safety expectations of students, drivers, and schools. Our trailblazing products include cameras capable of capturing wide detailed views for seeing down into high seat backs in true 1080p high-definition. REI’s Video Management Software (VMS) enables you to quickly provide answers with user-friendly search options such as time/date or incident. Feel secure knowing our DVRs are customizable (up to 12 cameras) and vibration and shock tested.

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  • Cameras

    Our new, 176° wide-angle camera can capture every row in true 1080p. Revolutionary viewing capabilities allow you to see the top of the window line, windshield to the rear exit door, between every row, down into high-back seats and both sides of the aisle. Never miss a thing. Even better? Larger and clearer field of view means fewer cameras required – sparing your budget.  Our surveillance systems are also customizable.  Place and stagger the cameras in the areas you need it most and capture REI’s unique crisscross views. Combine with exterior cameras and experience a surveillance system unlike any other.

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  • DVRs

    Building your surveillance solution starts with a Wi-Fi-enabled DVR. Our line of HD5 series DVRs eclipses industry standards with new features, enhanced capabilities and expanded capacity. Our ultra-durable systems record video, audio and vehicle data via a removable hard drive or SD card. Connect up to 12 surveillance cameras for full video surveillance in and around your vehicle. Complete your surveillance solution with cameras, a hard drive and viewing software.

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  • Hard Drives

    Choosing a hard drive to complement the DVR is essential for success and ease of use. Store valuable footage from your vehicle in both high and low resolution on our removable hard drives. Available in 500GB, 750GB, 1TB and 2TB of memory, our drives hold up in extreme conditions to preserve your video and data.

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  • Viewing Software: VMS

    Video Management Software (VMS) is the foundation of REI’s video surveillance solution. The user-friendly, downloadable software enables you to view and search your video and provides access to a variety of vehicle data. REI provides a complimentary VMS license with each video surveillance package.

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Track bus routes

Ease the worries of parents and students with ARMOR™ Student – the newest addition to REI’s ARMOR Software Suite for fleet management. ARMOR Student’s bus tracking app, REI Bus Tracker™, for parents and students confirms boarding and drop-off times. Allows them to track bus routes in real-time. Shows their estimated pick-up times. Bonus feature: the fully integrated ARMOR Student module allows administrators to view, record and download video of incidents thanks to ARMOR’s video surveillance capability. Put the comfort of knowing in their hands – and the power of student tracking and safety in yours.

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Resolve parent concerns quickly

Record and locate video of incidents easily. Confirm student boarding and drop-off times quickly. Integrate an REI surveillance system with our ARMOR™ Software Suite for the most advanced fleet management solution available. Download video of incidents, automatically and wirelessly, by specific dates and times. Track student and bus locations in real time with the new ARMOR Student software module. Our highly customizable, all-in-one ARMOR Software Suite eases the worries of parents and students, mitigates risks and monitors driver behaviors.

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See between every row

REI is the only provider of the innovative, game-changing, wide-angle HD camera. See more than ever. Between every row, down into high-back seats, both sides of the aisle, entire window lines, windshield to rear exit door, zoom in for closer views. Exclusive REI surveillance solution – largest vertical field of view.

See everything.

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Download video effortlessly

How much time do you and your staff members spend collecting hard drives from your bus fleet? Save time with ARMOR™ by automatically and wirelessly downloading video footage to your computer once the bus returns to their lot. Our software solution also provides video footage to support predefined alert notifications for quick and easy review. With the time saved, you can keep your focus on the important things, like safety and operations.

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Engine and system reliability

Always know your surveillance equipment and vehicle’s engine is fully operational before leaving the lot. ARMOR-Diagnostics combined with REI’s comprehensive surveillance solution and J-1939 CAN-BUS interface proactively monitors the health and operational status of surveillance equipment and the engine. You’ll receive automatic reports detailing whether the equipment and/or engine is offline, low on power, or fully functional. Managing your operation’s health status minimizes the risk of surprise breakdowns and liability in the lack of surveillance coverage.

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Prevent stop-arm violations

REI’s stop-arm solution is the most advanced on the market today, with motion-activated high-resolution, day/night sensor cameras that are optimized for viewing the front and rear license plate in up to four lanes of traffic. The violation is automatically recorded on your DVR and flagged for easy search and identification on ARMOR-StopArm via a wireless connection. Violations are analyzed and prioritized for your review. By working with your local law enforcement, you’ll raise awareness and increase the safety of your students.

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Protect students and drivers

Implementing a user-friendly surveillance solution allows for quick video review by events and notifications you deem important. Utilize data trends to streamline operations and even save money on fuel costs by reducing idle time. Set up and receive automatic notifications via email and/or text message alerting you once the bus has returned to the lot. Automatic notifications can be easily set up for, but not limited to: bus speed, driving outside the geofence, idle time, stop-arm and warning lights activation, and much more.

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Driver behavior modification

Including ARMOR-Driver to your surveillance solution provides data and supporting video footage detailing a driver’s behavior. This information allows for a conversation with the driver to enhance or minimize that person’s behavior behind the wheel. The data is associated with a scanned I.D. badge assigned to the driver, not the vehicle. When needed, or at regular intervals, generate automatic reports to view speed, driving outside the geofence, excessive idle times, etc. to begin the conversation.

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Live support 24/7/365

Your time is valuable and you don’t need to spend it following the rabbit hole of a touchtone operating system, only to get an automated response. REI provides 24/7/365 live, U.S.-based customer support to get you the answers you need and back on the road quickly. You’ll speak with a qualified, knowledgeable REI employee each and every time.

Call us anytime at 1-877-726-4617.

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Audio/Video products

REI is the all-in-one solution provider of professional grade electronics for any vehicle in a school district. Choose from a variety of radios, PAs, harnesses and accessories by bus manufacturer, model and year for a tailored infotainment solution. Inquire today for an A/V solution for your school vehicles.

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  • Radios

    A radio is a foundation on any transportation vehicle. Our radios stand up to the rugged challenges of the road to keep you connected and entertained. Each and every radio is tested to outlast expectations We have several models to fit any vehicle plus integrate with portable media players, PA systems and more.

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  • PA Systems

    REI offers durable, professional grade panel-mounted PA systems that hold up in extreme environments to ensure your connection never cuts out. We have the best size and solution for your vehicle.

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  • Harnesses

    Whether you’re mounting your radio on your dash or bulkhead, we can help tailor-fit the solution to your vehicle. Harnesses can be confusing, but with REI’s expertise, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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  • Accessories

    Select from our extensive line of accessories to customize a solution that fits your needs, from antennas to speakers to mic extension cables and more. Call us to discuss your need. With over 80 years of experience, we’re sure to have a solution.

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