Benefits of Mobile Video Surveillance
Safety – Student safety should be a top priority. With a mobile video surveillance system on-board you can keep a watchful eye on students, helping keep them out of harm’s way. Plus, a mobile video surveillance system gives you the ability to monitor your drivers, ensuring their safety and compliance with established guidelines.

Cost Savings – Budgets get tighter every day leaving you searching for ways to cut costs. A mobile video surveillance system offers long-term costs savings in risk mitigation, driver efficiency and vehicle maintenance.

Monitor Passengers –Make security a top priority. Utilize interior cameras to record passengers while they’re inside your vehicle(s), providing you a video record of any incidents that might occur.

Monitor Drivers – You need to know that your drivers are doing their job well. With cameras in place you have a video record of any driver related issues that can be used to correct driver behavior.

Monitor Vehicles – With cameras placed on the interior and exterior of your vehicle you have an extra set of eyes to monitor activities and incidents. Plus, you have a video record of any events that occur on or around your vehicle(s).

Vehicle Location – Vehicle location allows you to keep a watchful eye on your fleet and drivers. You’ll be able to pinpoint current vehicle locations, where they’ve been and where they’re going.

Stop-Arm Violations – Ensure the safety of your young passengers as they enter and exit the school bus by utilizing stop-arm camera technology. Cameras record drive-by incidents and capture license plate information so violators can be caught and fined.

Reduce Vandalism – Studies show that incidents of vandalism are reduced when cameras are present. Outfitting your vehicle(s) with surveillance cameras will save you money and save the hassle of having to clean or cover up the work of vandals.